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Halloween photo inspiration


Halloween is coming soon and we decorate houses and we like the feeling that this holiday brings into our souls. Maybe because human nature needs sometimes a little bit of fear, mystery and also something mystique to that makes our imagination get into all unexplained happenings and search for the truth and lightning. Many artists […]

100 most beautiful autumn wallpapers


Autumn has come so is time to watch the impressive transformation of nature and to be touched by the amazing colors that surround us. We selected a nice collection of beautiful wallpapers to decorate your daily desktop. Please check our selection and send us more beautifull autumn wallpapers. define expository essay

Beautiful polaroid style galleries resouces


someone to write my paper Polaroid photos are well known all over the world. When you see a picture made with such a camera you recognize the technology right away. Polariod pictures are unique in the form of material and most of all by the time it takes to have your picture in had… a […]

The Beauty of Macro Photography


Macro photography always impress the eyes of the people because brings a detailed look over things that can’t be seen so well with a simple eye look. From this planet macro photography is mostly used on insects due to the fact they are small creatures built in all sort of details like a piece of […]

Artists worth mentioned – Cristina Venedict


Cristina Venedict discovered photography 4 years ago. She makes photography with her soul, and for each image created she puts in it photographs captured in different moments of her life and each of them meant a lot for her in that moment. She lives in Romania and has a degree in psychology. Here are a […]

25 amazing photographers from the west coast


Today we started a trip around the world to find some of the most amazing photographers around. Our first stop the USA’s West Coast, from where we have selected 25 amazing photographers. Take a look, enjoy and stay tuned for our next stop on the photographers world map!

50 inspirational photography websites


descriptive essays hotography was invented in the begging of the 19th century and is now one of the most important art forms. We have browsed the web and selected 50 inspirational photography websites. Take a look and enjoy!

15 must-see architectural design photos


write the essay for me In this post we have selected 15 of the most amazing architecture photos from deviantart for your visual satisfaction. Enjoy!

Photographers Collection (part-1)


Photography is one of the beautiful arts. Everyone can shoot a flower, a scene or a person today. A lot of entry professional cameras appear nowadays and make us think we all are born photographers. Well… things are not exactly as you may believe. Having professional instruments is not enough. You must have real talent […]