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100 most beautiful autumn wallpapers


Autumn has come so is time to watch the impressive transformation of nature and to be touched by the amazing colors that surround us. We selected a nice collection of beautiful wallpapers to decorate your daily desktop. Please check our selection and send us more beautifull autumn wallpapers. define expository essay

Artist worth mentioned – Kevin Roodhorst


Kevin Roodhorst is a 20-year-old graphic designer/digital artist from The Netherlands and is currently studying graphic design in Amsterdam. His specialty is making promotional material like flyers, posters and banners and he is very good at this. In his spare time he is making personal projects and searching for more inspiration.

Great business cards design inspiration


Most of the companies or individuals that have a business or work in a field where getting in contact with clients is a must have a business card. There are two types of business cards today. A traditional paper one that is easy to use when you get in touch with people and an electronic […]

Innovative furniture designs


finance homework help Giving personality to a room can be quite hard to achieve. There is a multitude of?elements?that need to be taken into consideration starting from floor type and wall color and finishing with furniture and?accessories.?Although?we see each element as very important, we feel that choosing the right furniture truly defines a room’s personality.

Great Street Art Inspiration


write essay online Street art is any form of art created in public spaces. The term can include traditional?graffiti artwork,?stencil graffiti,?sticker art,?wheatpasting and?street poster art, video projection,?art intervention, guerrilla art,?flash mobbing and?street installations. Typically, the term?street art or the more specific?post-graffiti is used to distinguish contemporary public-space artwork from territorial graffiti,?vandalism, and corporate art.

Unconventional Website Designs


argumentative papers Stepping out of the ordinary or getting past that designer’s block is a hard thing to achieve for many designers. Most are stuck in the same place, design-wise, for many years even tough their work may seem great.

30 Creative Facebook landing pages


buy essay papers Designing a landing page or a facebook landing page is something most?web designers?have come across. When facing such a task you have to think at what does your client want to communicate to it’s audience and how can you make the visitors become your fans. Many of you may say it’s all […]

Why should designers use social media?


As you may have noticed, 2011 is the year of ?social media and the revamped tablet-pc. Tough the iPad and its counterparts are interesting topics and can bring added value to designers, in today’s article we will focus on the social media phenomenon and why should designers use social media. I will present a few […]

Inspirational Meet the team web pages – part 2


write my college essay When you work in a small or medium company people get together more then when they work in very big companies. You know your mates and build a team with them and the whole process of working depends on each of you. You kinda seem to be responsible when something is […]

Amazing creative outdoor advertising


term papers online Nowadays there are a lot of businesses that are branded in different ways. But what makes them different at first site? Maybe a cool logo, a nice color and an attractive design. What makes them well known in the world? There is one word for that and is called advertising. Advertising plays […]