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Artist worth mentioned Diego Diaz


Diego Diaz is a graphic design that comes from Guatemala City. Many of his designs seem to feature a reggae roots and natural style to them. I can only wonder if this has something to do with his surroundings and lifestyle.He reflected, the freedom and the dynamism in each between its projects.

Artist worth mentioned Cristiano Siqueira


Cristiano Siqueira, is an Illustrator from São Paulo / Brazil, also known by the artistic identity of CRISVECTOR. He started officially as a professional Illustrator, in 2005. Digital art and vector illustration are his passion and all his work is created in these formats.

The Most Beautiful Easter Facebook Covers


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What are the best Tips from Designers to Float through the Successful Invoicing Process?


Being a designer is a very privileged work for the ones who have always dreamed of being one. They do what they love and so job almost replaces hobby in a positive way. However, most of them do tend to get into frenzy when the process takes course and rolls down to the invoicing. This […]