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Bye, Flash and Hi, HTML5: 9 Popular HTML5 Apps That You’ll Love


essays writers For the last 8-12 months HTML5 has become a special eye-grabbing treat for users, making their online web experience more interactive and entertaining. While there is still a debate between slow Flash pages and exciting HTML5 experiments, developers continue to move forward and lean towards the HTML5, surprising us with impressive and innovative […]

Find the best hosting option with


Nowadays when everyone is able to get a site online in minutes finding a hosting seems it become the easiest problem. This may be true in the case when we just play around and test how hosting works, but when comes about getting more and more exposure and visitors and when your website is thought […]

Best royalty-free stock photos and illustrations on


Is said that a picture is the equivalent of a thousand words. This is true also in web design. Either you have a website that is rich in text or a simple presentation page when you select the proper image to use along with information for your visitor the message is more impressive. This is […]