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Unconventional Website Designs


argumentative papers Stepping out of the ordinary or getting past that designer’s block is a hard thing to achieve for many designers. Most are stuck in the same place, design-wise, for many years even tough their work may seem great.

30 Creative Facebook landing pages


buy essay papers Designing a landing page or a facebook landing page is something most?web designers?have come across. When facing such a task you have to think at what does your client want to communicate to it’s audience and how can you make the visitors become your fans. Many of you may say it’s all […]

Why should designers use social media?


As you may have noticed, 2011 is the year of ?social media and the revamped tablet-pc. Tough the iPad and its counterparts are interesting topics and can bring added value to designers, in today’s article we will focus on the social media phenomenon and why should designers use social media. I will present a few […]

MyTemplatez – free web templates


online resume writer MyTemplatez is a website where you can find thousands of free templates, free of charge, and mostly free of licensing restrictions. MyTemplatez carry everything from basic CSS templates, to Blogger and WordPress themes. Furthermore, the templates cover a variety of categories: Art & Photography, Beauty & Fashion, Business, Cafe/Restaurant, Cars, Celebrity, Charity, […]